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Our goal is to establish a long term relationship with you and help you in your relationship with the US and other countries.


We provide custom executive training programs to private companies, top level government officials and mid to top level banking executives. These executive training courses are tailored to meet the specific requirements of our clients. The programs are designed to strengthen your leadership and management skills; and revitalize your personal vision of leadership. 

We created the custom executive programs to address the growing need among government and private sector organizations to keep their executives/officials up to speed in new developments, technology, business opportunities and ideas in their various areas of interest. 

We provide business executives and government officials the opportunity to learn from leading experts in custom programs taught by professors from schools such as Harvard, University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) and the University of Chicago about current topics in a short time period. We not only offer our clients the opportunity to expand their professional knowledge and skills but also to establish contacts with their colleagues here in the US. We work closely with top-rated institutions here in the US. Certificates of completion will be offered at the end of each program. 

These programs involve: 
- Professional development programs 
- Professional training 
- Intensive one- and two-day seminars (sometimes longer) 
- Expert speakers and instructors from different backgrounds 
- Occasionally, some US government officials. 


We provide consulting services to primary and tertiary sectors of the economy which include: 
- Agriculture 
- Mining 
- Retail and Wholesale Sales (import and export) 
- Transportation and Distribution 
- Media and Entertainment ( movies, television, radio, music etc ) 
- Tourism 
- Banking
- Healthcare 
- Products and Service